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About NutriSquirt

NutriSquirt is an oral spray vitamin with qualitative efficiencies. All you have to do is “squirt” your mouth and/or cheeks with the vitamin of your choice. Nutrisquirt has a rapid absorption rate and provides a bio-available nutrient immediately. Nutrients that are delivered via an oral spray are known to have faster and higher absorption rates than a pill vitamin which often sits in your stomach for hours. NutriSquirt is closely aligned with the best manufacturers of delivery spray canisters, scientists and medical doctors who have clinically tested the NutriSquirt products and powdered supplements like Arginex which we often refer to as NutriHeart.

NutriSquirt is a family owned business run by Larry and Marlene Wilcox. Marlene was a world class athlete who participated in the World Championships in 1983 in 7 track and field events (heptathlon) and was on the infamous 1980 Olympic Team. Larry is the former co-star of the TV Series CHIPS and the producer of the award-winning TV series “The Ray Bradbury Theater” and has long been a believer in health and nutritional chemistry Our family’s goal is to offer everyone an opportunity to Squirt! So, take a Squirt and become “squirtalicious”!

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